Shoe Care /Maintenance

Shoe Care /Maintenance

Timely care and maintenance will help ensure your LJL shoes/ boots last a long life, as we’ve built each and every pair to a standard of quality with that objective in mind. There’s no reason why your pair shouldn’t holdup through the wear and tear of daily life (in all elements) for years to come with an adequate care and maintenance program.



  • Clean as often as is warranted (i.e. when your shoes/ boots are visible dirty).
  • When dry, remove excess dirt with a stiff bristled horse hair brush (available at your friendly neighborhood cobbler/ shoe repair shop).
  • Apply clean damp cloth to saddle soap or all-purpose leather cleaner (consult your local neighborhood cobbler for options), build lather, and apply evenly and consistently to entire shoe/ boot.
  • With a clean dry cloth wipe off dirt and excess soap (vigorously), then let air dry in a cool dry location.
  • If you don’t intend on conditioning (please see below) your shoes/ boots, you can buff with a stiff bristled horse hair brush once dry, though we highly recommend conditioning at this point. 


  • Leather conditioner will help keep your leather uppers soft and supple, as well as prevent cracking and premature aging. We use a product named "Leather Conditioner" by Central Utah (USA) based “Lexol”, though there are many quality products on the market so feel free to discuss all your options with your local neighborhood cobbler.
  • Condition as often as is warranted (if the finish on your shoes ever appears dry, dull or lacking luster).
  • Apply only to clean (see above) and dry shoes.
  • With a clean and dry cloth, apply conditioner evenly and consistently to entire shoe.
  • Wipe off excess, allow a few minutes for absorption, then buff clean to a slight luster with a stiff bristled horse hair brush.
  • Warning: Some conditioners may darken or discolor certain leathers, so before applying liberally, test the conditioner first in a small discrete spot to ensure the resulting finish is desired.


  • Most leather conditioners (see above) will contain some waterproofing qualities, but if you live in a relatively wet region (like us) we recommend in addition to conditioning your leather uppers regularly, for added protection, apply a separate and specific waterproofing product for ultimate protection. 
  • Waterproof as often as is warranted. This is obviously dependent on how often your shoes/ boots are exposed to wet conditions. If you find water is no longer being repelled (beading), but being full absorbed into your leather uppers, it's a good time to re-apply your waterproofing product of choice. 
  • There are many quality waterproofing products on the market, and their application methods vary, so consult your local neighborhood cobbler for options.