HINGED BALACLAVA w/ Filter Pocket - BETA RUN - January 31, 2021

HINGED BALACLAVA w/ Filter Pocket - BETA RUN - January 31, 2021

$40.00 CAD


January 31, 2021

Over the Christmas holidays, we spent a few days up in Whistler. When on mountain... strict social distancing & mask wearing was being enforced by mountain staff, while folks were waiting in lengthy chairlift lines.

To rock a mask in line, meant... you either had to deal with the rigmarole of throwing one on, out of pocket & under helmet & goggles at the end of your run (super clumbsy & annoying) or... you were wearing a standard technical gaiter, which we all know isn't all that protective - even outdoors. Knew right than and there, we were going to take a crack at a better alternative as soon as we got back in shop. 

Introducing our HINGED BALACLAVA w/ Filter Pocket 

The week of February 1, 2021 we'll be 'crafting and shipping 50 Balaclavas to the first 50 folks who hop on this Beta release. We've yet to iron out some fine details such as labelling & packaging (and we've priced accordingly), but most importantly, we're pretty darn happy with the design, construction, materials, and overall fit and function of our new passion project. 

We're hoping the 50 folks who hop on this release, will be willing to provide feedback on their experience with our HINGED BALACLAVA, so we can adjust fit/ size/ functionality (if need be), before diving head first into larger scale production. 


  • One size fits all. Our Bala contains 5% spandex, so it should stretch to accommodate most head shapes. 
  • Bamboo(67%)/Merino(28%)/ Spandex (5%) Blend - We've locally sourced a beautiful light weight (jersey) BLACK Bamboo x Merino blend for this production run. 
  • Filter pocket w/ filter - We've sourced Halyard Health H600 heavy-duty medical grade sterilization polypropylene fabric, which has a listed Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 98.9% +. We're including an additional filter in with your mask (so two total), however you can nab EXTRA FILTERS HERE.
  • Our masks are 100% washable (filter included) - Please make sure you remove filter, and wash cold (machine is okay), and hang to dry. Filter can be baked at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes to re-sterilize.
  • Pony tail hatch - We hadn't intended on this being part of this Beta design, but we've already received a few requests for one, so... we're going to design a version with pony tail hatch for all who wants one. We'll email within the day to confirm. 

We'll ship (or have your HINGED BALACLAVA available for pickup) no later than February 7, 2021.

Handcrafted here in our East Vancouver, BC shop, using locally sourced components. 


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