June 18 2015 by Josh Blodans

We're blessed to have the best friends.

One of those friends, Shayd Johnson just happens to be an extremely talented photographer. He also likes nice light... and beer... so we set a trap late last night and managed to lour him out to our East Vancouver digs to snap some shots of our new space. I say "new", but just yesterday we celebrated our first-year anniversary of in-habitation.

I guess it still feels new, 'cause it's been one crazy blur of a year. And, as we really patchworked the space together with found and bartered objects... and borrowed time, I guess it didn't really feel like home... until it did. And that's pretty new to us.

Shayd told me he thought these pictures told a pretty true story of the line we're playing between utter chaos... and having our "shit together". To be completely honest, we're way more the former (it's not even close) vs. the latter, but what can I say? Sometimes... with two hours notice... we clean up pretty nice.